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Typhoon Q500+ 4K

complete ready-to-fly system

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Item No. : YUNQ4KUK

TYPHOON Q500+ 4K Includes:
ST10+ Ground Station, CGO3 Gimbal Camera, 1x Battery and a SteadyGrip

Q500 4K is a total imaging solution - for both aerial and ground photography and videography - which includes the TYPHOON copter, the powerful ST10+ 10-channel personal ground station, CGO3 4K stabilised camera and SteadyGrip handle. Watch Me and Follow Me functions significantly assist new pilots to master the skills of flying whilst making the art of aerial videography and photography easy, flexible and intuitive.

SteadyGrip combined with the 4K CGO3 gimbal camera allows the users to shoot fluid video with the Pitch Follow function. Real-time video and photos are viewed on an attached mobile device screen using the CGO3 APP.


The Typhoon Q500 4K Key Features:
  • Q500 4K Complete Ready to Fly system – No additional extras needed
  • ST10+ Transmitter with 5.5” LCD touchscreen for FPV
  • CGO3 Camera: 4K/30FPS UHD and 1080p/120fps video for slow motion, 12.4 Megapixel Stills
  • Adjustable Camera Settings; Video Resolution & White Balance, Auto or Manually adjustable ISO and Shutter Speed
  • RAW (DNG) or JPEG formats
  • No distortion, 110° field of view lens for remarkable image quality
  • 5 Flight/Function Modes: Smart (Follow Me, Watch Me) Angle and Return Home
  • Up to 25 minutes flight times from the intelligent 5,400-mAh battery
  • SteadyGrip ground handle with Tilt Mode for shooting memorable moments like parties, birthdays, weddings
  • And also see what’s going on with the downloadable CGO3 mobile APP offering the possibility of 2 viewing screens to watch the action from (needs iOS 7 or above).

  Product Specifications


TYPHOON Q500 4K Aircraft

  • Flight Time Up to 25 Minutes
  • Dimensions: 420 x 420 x 240mm (16.5 x 16.5 x9.5in)
  • Diagonal Length Without Rotor Blades 565mm (22.2 in)
  • Propeller/Main Rotor Diameter 330mm (13.0 in)
  • Takeoff Weight with Battery and CGO3: 1700g (60.0oz)
  • Weight Without Battery and CGO3 1130g (40.0 oz)
  • Battery 5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo (1pce included)
  • Charger 3S 11.1V LiPo DC Balancing Smart Charger with AC Adapter (included)
  • Transmitter 10-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (included)
  • Radio Control Frequency Band:2.4GHz CE Compliant (100mw)**
  • 5 Flight Modes:Smart (Follow Me, Watch Me) Angle and Return Home
  • Maximum Flying Height** Default 400 Feet Above Ground Level (Adjustable via the Q500 GUI)
  • Maximum Rotational Velocity 65°/s
  • Maximum Roll Angle 35°
  • Maximum Climb Rate in Smart and Angle mode: 3m/s
  • Maximum Descent Rate in Smart and Angle mode: 2m/s
  • Operating Temperature Range:-5°C to 60°C
  • Maximum Flight Speed:8m/s
  • IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times