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complete ready-to-fly system

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Item No. : YUNQ4KTUK

The TYPHOON Q500+ 4K PRO Includes:
ST10+ Ground Station, CGO3 Camera Gimbal, 2x Batteries, SteadyGrip and Hard Trolley case

The Q500+ 4K Typhoon Professional Version is a complete videography (APV) system which includes the aircraft, the CGO3 4K camera, ST10+ FPV ground station, SteadyGrip and all accessories including 2x Batteries and a 'Free' hard carry case to securely transport your Typhoon 4K - No additional items are needed to fly.

The ST10+ includes a 5.8GHz video downlink that displays streaming video via its in-built 5.5" LCD screen.

The CGO3 4K camera combines a 12.4 megapixel, 4K 30FPS video, camera and a 3-axis brushless gimbal into a single unit that captures smooth, steady aerial video and still images in vivid detail.


The Typhoon Q500+ 4K Pro Key Features:
  • Q500+ 4K Complete Ready to Fly system – No additional extras needed
  • ST10+ Transmitter with 5.5” LCD touchscreen for FPV
  • CGO3 Camera: 4K/30FPS UHD and 1080p/120fps video for slow motion, 12 Megapixel Stills
  • Adjustable Camera Settings; Video Resolution & White Balance, Auto or Manually adjustable ISO and Shutter Speed
  • RAW (DNG) or JPEG formats
  • Zero distortion, 115° field of view lens for remarkable image quality
  • 5 Flight Modes: Smart, Angle, Follow Me, Watch Me and Return Home
  • Up to 25 minutes flight times per battery - 2x 5400mAh batteries included
  • SteadyGrip ground handle with Tilt Mode for shooting memorable moments like parties, birthdays and weddings
  • See what’s going on with the downloadable CGO3 APP offering the possibility of 2 viewing screens to watch the action from (needs iOS 7 or above).

  Product Specifications  

TYPHOON Q500+ 4K Aircraft

  • Flight Time Up to 25 Minutes
  • Dimensions:420 x 420 x 240mm (16.5 x 16.5 x9.5in)
  • Diagonal Length Without Rotor Blades 565mm (22.2 in)
  • Propeller/Main Rotor Diameter 330mm (13.0 in)
  • Takeoff Weight with Battery and CGO3:1700g (60.0oz)
  • Weight Without Battery and CGO3 1130g (40.0 oz)
  • Battery 5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo (2 pcs included)
  • Charger 3S 11.1V LiPo DC Balancing Smart Charger with AC Adapter (included)
  • Transmitter 10-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (included)
  • Radio Control Frequency Band:2.4GHz CE Compliant (100mw)**
  • 5 Flight Modes:Smart (Follow Me, Watch Me) Angle and Return Home
  • Maximum Flying Height** Default 400 Feet Above Ground Level (Adjustable via the Q500 GUI)
  • Maximum Rotational Velocity 65°/s
  • Maximum Roll Angle 35°
  • Maximum Climb Rate in Smart and Angle mode 3m/s
  • Maximum Descent Rate in Smart and Angle mode 2m/s
  • Operating Temperature Range:-5°C to 60°C;
  • Maximum Flight Speed:8m/s
  • IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times