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H850_E20TVx_Side (5)

H850 RTK

Multi Payload Commercial Platform

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Item No. : YUNH850EUSC

The new H850-RTK is designed specifically with inspections, surveying, public safety applications and animal search & rescue in mind.

Our Hexacopter design offers more safety, power, efficiency, stability, and capacity to carry heavier payloads with longer flight times. Depending on the payload and weather conditions, flight times of up to 65 minutes are possible. All H520E payloads are compatible with the H850-RTK. This makes it easier for new and existing Yuneec owners to use payloads on two different platforms: the H520E & H850.

During development, in addition to the performance and payload flexibility, great emphasis was placed on the H850 flight and data security. Flight data belongs to you and to nobody else.

The H850 is equipped with a dual IMU’s, compasses, barometer’s, RTK antennas and includes two smart batteries. As to redundancy even with only five motors running you are able to land the H850 safely. Future proofing is a key feature of the H850 so the YCAP-certified Drone-Tag device for remote ID (Optional), which will become mandatory in Europe in 2023, can be installed with one click.

H850 Key Features:

  • OFDM Technology for increased range and video stability Six-Rotor (Hex)
  • Safety, Stability and Reliability - Dual safety redundancies on IMU, compass and barometer up to 65 minute flight time (depending on payload options)
  • New T-One Ground Station - 7” HD Touch LCD with 1920x1200 screen resolution
  • Compatible with H520E payloads E90X, E30ZX, ETX and E20TVX Ortho and Geo-mapping capabilities
  • Waypoints System - easily designate an area for auto-surveillance/mapping. RTK Ready (third party RTK station required for RTK operation)


      Product Specifications  


    H850 Copter


      • Flight Weight: 5800 gram, inclusive 2 flight batteries (w/o payload)

      • MTOW: 8800g

      • Maximum payload weight: 3000g

      • Diagonal size: 850mm

      • Folded size: 440x365x470mm

      • Max Ascend Speed: 3 m/s

      • Max Descent Speed: 2.5 m/s

      • Max Horizontal Speed: 20 m/s

      • Max Flight Speed: 72 km/h

      • Max Flight Ceiling (MSL): 5000m

      • Max flight Time: 65 minutes (payload dependant)

      • Battery: 23.1volt 2x Li-ion HV, 6s 12800mah

      • Position System: GPS, Glonass, Beidou & Galileo

      • Hovering Accuracy (Single): Horizon:±0.5m Vertical:±0.5m

      • RTK (RMS) Accuracy:1cm + 1ppm (H); 1.5cm + 1ppm (V)

      • Operating Temperature:-20℃-50℃ / -4° F -122° F

      • Payload Connector:X-connector

      • Compatible Payloads:E20TVx, E90X, E30Zx, ETx, S42x, Lidar, Spotlight and Digital Loudspeaker

      • Upward Gimbal:Optional

      • Hot-swappable Batteries and Payloads:Yes

      • IP:x5

      • Collision Avoidance System:Millimeter-wave Radar (optional)

      • Remote Controller:T-one

      • Connectivity Ports and Power Supply H850:Gmac 1000mb, USB-C, USB-3 5Gbps, aux 3.5mm, Micro-SD, 2x Power 5v+GND, 2x PWM, 2x GPIO, 5v,12v and 19.8-26.4v, for external                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            devices with high power requirements

      • Operating Frequency:2.4000-2.4835GHz & 5.725-5.850GHz

      • Autopilot:PX4 Based

      • Drone Remote Identification Device:LTE+Bluetooth, inc app and U-space ready (optional module

      • IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times