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UAV Pilot Sim

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Item No. : YUNSIM


The Simu-Connector USB dongle is a small USB device that plugs straight into any USB port of a Windows computer. Handy in size, it is your link to connect your Yuneec personal ground station with the UAV Pilot simulator software.

The UAV Pilot Software (digital download - Link) was created to start your flight exploration with the Yuneec Flight Simulator! With the Simu-connector, users can experience real flight even when sitting in front of a computer. The flight simulator – with Simu-connector – is compatible with all remote controllers supported by the Yuneec protocol, and provides users with a realistic flight experience in a safe, simulated environment. The Flight Simulator can be controlled wireless within 10m, with virtual telemetric data being displayed on the interface.

UAV Pilot Sim Features:

  • Practice flying without risking injury or damage to expensive hardware
  • Works straight out of the box with the ST10/ST10+/ST24/ST16
  • Adjust Variables such as Wind speed and direction to truly test your flying skills!